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Euro Language School opened its doors in Budapest for those with a desire for language learning in 1996. During close to 26 years of operation, our students received quality tuition in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French languages.

Due to popular demand, as well as having conducted a full scale survey of interest, our school launches a Hungarian as a Foreign Language course for foreigners.

Are you a foreigner in Hungary? Would everyday life be easier if you spoke Hungarian? We are here to help!

Why choose Euro Language School?

  • close to 26 years of experience teaching languages
  • thousands of satisfied students (most of our students enroll upon recommendation)
  • quality language teaching at affordable prices

Why the Hungarian language?

  • In Hungary it is the easiest to manage with Hungarian
  • the third most melodious language in the world
  • extraordinary language to speak


Types of Hungarian language courses, according to intensity:



  • 4 weeks, 5x5 lessons a week Hungarian language learning (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • Lessons start at: 8.30 am
  • Hungarian language course levels: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate
  • Tuition fee: 239.990 HUF, - discounted price: 149.990 HUF




  • 12 weeks, 2x4 lessons a week Hungarian language learning (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • Lessons start at: 18.00 pm (Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays)
  • Hungarian language course levels: beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate
  • Tuition fee: 239.990 HUF, - discounted price: 149.990 HUF



Which level should I choose?

With the following short summary we aim to help you choose the language course that suits your level best.


Beginner Hungarian Language Course

We recommend the Beginner Hungarian Language Course to those who want to learn Hungarian without prior knowledge, and wish to start from the basics. The beginner course starts with basic vocabulary and grammar and guides the student towards more complicated topics and language elements.

At beginner level we also take the fact into consideration that our pupils are not just university students and hobby students anymore, but also people who need to learn Hungarian to manage everyday life and to get a job. That's why we stress for example the distinction between being formal and using someone's first name and the mastering of these language styles.

By the end of the Beginner Hungarian Language Course our students get their ideas across in a variety of conversational topics such as: shopping, questions about family, directions, ordering in a restaurant. They understand simple everyday texts such as: menus, timetables, advertisements, brochures, friendly letters/messages. They can talk about simple topics such as: introduction of job, description of home, describing family, friends, outlining a day's events. The writing of simple letters is no problem to them either.

Topics of the Beginner Hungarian Language Course:

  • introduction
  • months, days, countries, cities
  • numbers
  • shopping
  • date/time
  • seasons and the weather
  • travelling
  • transport
  • family
  • fashion

And grammar content:

  • the alphabet, pronunciation, phonetics
  • personal pronouns
  • adverbials of place
  • forming questions
  • negative sentences
  • possessive nouns/structures/pronouns
  • singular, plural forms
  • demonstrative pronouns
  • comparative and superlative adjectives
  • prefixes
  • conjugation
  • objective case
  • objective inflection
  • adverbials of time
  • ordinals
  • simple present
  • simple past


Pre-intermediate Hungarian Language Course

Completing our Pre-intermediate Hungarian Language Course provides stable knowledge to all those who wish to learn sophisticated vocabulary, useful phrases, all in all well-rounded basic language skills.

By the end of the Pre-intermediate Hungarian Language Course, the student comprehends simple conversations and topics (e.g.: school, work, invitations). Understands several actual events, relevant and interesting information on TV and radio. Is also able to read and understand those texts which were written in everyday language and personal letters which contain and express simple requests, feelings and events. At this stage is able without preparation to talk about his/her family, job, place of residence, hobbies and travels. By the end of our pre-intermediate Hungarian language course, students are able to write letters, fill out forms, reason and advise others independently and confidently. Completing the pre-intermediate language course provides our students with a stable base that also enables them to take a B1 (basic) language exam.

Topics of the Hungarian Pre-intermediate Language Course:

  • in the bank
  • at the post office
  • being abroad
  • saying sorry
  • explanations, descriptions
  • at the doctors
  • greetings/saying bye
  • storytelling
  • getting information
  • phone etiquette
  • being polite
  • feelings
  • sports
  • short news

And grammar content:

  • imperatives
  • phrasal expressions
  • indefinite articles
  • conditionals, parallel negation
  • reflexive pronouns
  • emphatic demonstrative pronoun
  • conditionals in the past
  • infinitive inflection
  • making nouns out of adjectives
  • past participles
  • subordinate relative clauses
  • adverbials

Intermediate Hungarian Language Course

We recommend the Intermediate Hungarian Language Course to our students who already possess basic grammar knowledge and are familiar with the tenses and wish to develop towards being more complex and sophisticated.

Upon completing the Intermediate Hungarian Language Course, our students can express themselves eloquently in all everyday situations, read literal texts easily, acquire polite language forms, write formal correspondence and watch movies in Hungarian. They are well prepared for a job interview, because they are able to reason and express their opinions and assumptions fluently.

On top of the above, the Intermediate Hungarian Language Course stresses grammar practice to make up for possible shortcomings. Hence we recommend this course to those whose Hungarian knowledge exceeds level B1, but have some problems with grammar and wish to be more confident communicators.

Topics of the Intermediate Hungarian Language Course:

  • appearance
  • education
  • dressing up
  • society
  • the way you feel
  • the Earth
  • family
  • administration
  • our place to live
  • celebrations
  • our environment
  • free time activities

And grammar content:

  • forming verbs
  • forming nouns
  • forming adjectives
  • questions regarding the formation of sentences
  • inflection
  • questions of language use



  • Beginner: Peter Durst: Hungarian the easy way 1 - DESIGN KIADÓ KFT
  • Pre-intermediate: Peter Durst: Hungarian the easy way 2 - DESIGN KIADÓ KFT
  • Intermediate: Hungarolingua 3 Magyar nyelvkönyv haladóknak


All our levels conclude with an exam similar to a language exam, the result of which is presented to the student.






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